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Nova Balinese

Originating from a small village of Pedahan in North East Bali, Nova who started his culinary journey by helping his mum create delicious meals for his family to enjoy. As he matured, Nova would take part in many Hindu ceremonies, where the men of the village prepare spices for cooking.

Following his arrival in Australia, Nova trained in several surf coast restaurants before pursuing his dream of sharing his creations with the people of Geelong.

We can’t wait for you to come and experience the aromas and flavours of traditional Balinese cuisine. 

Only the Best Traditional ingredients


Known as Snake Beans and Beans. Locally grown in the villages in Bali.



This spice is known as aromatic ginger which has a much stronger flavour than your typical everyday ginger and galangal, also not as common to find in Australia!


Shallots are a very important ingredient in Balinese cuisine, they belong to the onion family.


Known as peanuts. When first harvested and picked they dry the peanuts out in the sun. Once dried out they are usually packaged just dried ready to sell or can be roasted.


Garlic, used in almost
EVERY Balinese dish.


Lemongrass is a very common herb that grows in the wild and village gardens around Bali, it has beautiful herbal aroma that adds a unique citrus flavour to Balinese cuisine.

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